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Just added a 2-day Rat Games trial on Nov. 29 and 30, the weekend after Thanksgiving - closing date is Nov. 26th. We will be running the following classes:

Friday -
Courses (Beginner through Champion)
Mad Hatter
Heads or Tails
Me First

Saturday -
Courses (Beginner through Champion)
Bet The Farm

Per page 20 of the rules, you may grandfather your dog in at a higher level. Send an email to with your dog's info. and a copy of it's certificate from the other venue. THE FEE IS CURRENTLY BEING WAIVED so, if you are ever going to play in Rat Games, you may want to do this now.

Please contact me in advance if you are entering via PayPal or credit card. The Courses classes are not on the web site yet so we will need to do a work-around.

See the rules or sign your dog up at and come and join us for some fun games!

Protocols have recently changed and many of my group emails are going into spam folders. Please make sure to check your spam folder for weather-related cancellations or check the web site before you drive here for a class!!

Welcome to Superpup!!! If you have any questions, please send me (Jan) an email using the "Contact Us" link and I will get back to you in a day or so.

Please create an account so that you receive emails about our classes, weather-related cancellations, and trials.

2019 Upcoming Trials:

RG - November 29-30 - open for regular entries until Nov. 26th
BH - December 5 (evening trial) - open for regular entries until Nov. 25th
BH - December 14-15 - opens on Oct. 9th

CLOSED Dec. 16 through Jan 1 for the holidays

BH - January 23 (evening trial)

*BH = Barn Hunt; RG = Rat Games

Want to see photos of our hunters? Want to upload your own pictures?

Click on "About Us", then follow the button to "Photo Gallery"

Online entry system is available and you can now pay for your trial entries using either PayPal or a credit card! Log on, then click on "Events" and choose the trial you are interested in.

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barnhunt and ratgames in Maryland with Superpup, LLC