join us for BARN HUNT and RAT GAMES in Severn, Maryland

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Welcome to Superpup!!! If you have any questions, please send me (Jan) an email using the "Contact Us" link and I will get back to you in a day or so. Please create an account so that you receive emails about our classes, weather-related cancellations, and trials.

Protocols have recently changed and many of my group emails are going into spam folders. Please make sure to check your spam folder for weather-related cancellations or check the web site before you drive here for a class!!
Rat hunting class is CANCELLED for this Thursday due to the trial.

BTW, we have plenty of space AND it turns out the weather WILL BE BEAUTIFUL! Come and join us. Day of show entries will be taken from 4:15-4:30 pm

The August 12th trial is open for entries. Feel free to bring your entry form/check and hand deliver it to Char tomorrow.

There is a 2-way tie at the moment for our Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) contest between (drum roll, please!): Holly and Sundog! Sign up for some Thursday evenings and show those two what your dog can do!

For the Thursday evening trials, we are tracking Q's from the regular classes (novice, open, senior and master) and giving a prize of 2 free trial classes for the person with the most Q's from this series of 10 trials. Ties will be broken by fastest time in the highest class the dog plays in.

Dr. Sandy Ziemski is scheduling chiropractic appointments here every 2nd Monday of the month. If you are interested in an appt, please contact Char at

July 22 (evening) - Day of Show entries will be taken between 4:15-4:30 pm
Aug. 12 (evening) - Open for regular entries until August 2nd
Sep. 2 (evening)
Sep. 11-12 - Opens July 21st for regular entries (NUNN BETTER DOGS WILL BE TAKING PHOTOS)
Sep. 23 (evening)
Oct. 7 (evening)
Oct. 16-17 - Opens Aug. 25th for regular entries
Dec. 11-12 - Opens Oct. 20th for regular entries


None planned at the moment due to Coronavirus.
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barnhunt and ratgames in Maryland with Superpup, LLC