join us for BARN HUNT and RAT GAMES in Severn, Maryland

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Welcome to Superpup!!! If you have any questions, please send me (Jan) an email using the "Contact Us" link and I will get back to you in a day or so. Please create an account so that you receive emails about our classes, weather-related cancellations, and trials.

Protocols have recently changed and many of my group emails are going into spam folders. Please make sure to check your spam folder for weather-related cancellations or check the web site before you drive here for a class!!
We will be having class this Thursday, 7/9/20, at 6:30 pm although it will be hot when we start. But it should cool off as we go along. Come prepared with fans, water, ice, whatever you and your dog need to stay cool.

The particulars:

- You MUST provide and wear a properly fitted mask and/or shield when on this property and closer than 10 feet to another person that doesn’t live in the same house as you. Properly fitted means it must cover your mouth and nose at all times!

- You MUST wear a PROPERLY FITTED MASK whenever you are in the barn or within 10 feet of a doorway.


- It is suggested that you bring and wear gloves as we will not be doing any cleaning of tubes, buckets, or gates between people during the classes.

- Prices - $12/run (7 minutes). Please bring cash (preferably exact change) or check made out to SuperPup, LLC. Currently, punch cards are being updated. Old cards will receive 2 punches (1 per run) for each number on the card that hasn’t already been used. New ones will be available for either 5 runs ($55 vice $60 class price) or 10 ($110 vice $120 class price) – I will offer both for a while to see which is more popular then go down to one option.

- Once you get on the property and see the barn doors open, please come and sign your dog up for the appropriate level you are running. Sign-ups are on small white boards that are attached inside the barn doors.

- The 7 minutes includes any conversation or rule clarifications too. After your 7 mins. is over, please leash up your dog and head out so the next person can get in and have their turn in a timely manner. It is fun to stand and talk, but that just holds up other people. If you think your dog can handle another run and you want to stick around, leave your dog’s name on the list. If you or your dog are done, please cross through his/her name on the list so we aren’t looking for you. (Never erase the dog for accountability purposes!)

- IF YOUR DOG IS LOOKING STRESSED OR OVERHEATED, THE COACH HAS THE RIGHT TO POINT THIS OUT TO YOU AND ASK YOU TO LEASH UP YOUR DOG AND LEAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM. With the hot weather, please bring water for your dog. If they don’t like to drink, watermelon is a good substitute.

- As always, if your dog fouls the ring, that is the end of your turn. So, you need to potty your dog appropriately. If it is poop, please help clean up and take the poop out to the trash when you leave the building.

- We will obviously give lots of help to the beginners in this sport so, if you are one, we will guide you in this process. Understand that beginning dogs and puppies may not be able to last the entire 7 mins. Sniffing makes them mentally exhausted!

Questions? Click on "Contact Us."

See you soon for some rat hunting fun!!!
2020 Upcoming Trials:


Upcoming trials:

BH - July 16 (evening) - late entries taken until noon on July 13th. NOTE THAT CRAZY8S, INSTINCT, NOVICE AND OPEN ARE CURRENTLY FULL. CONTACT THE TS TO GET ON THE WAITLIST.
BH - August 6 (evening) - open July 8-27
BH - September 12-13 - open July 15-Aug. 28
BH - October 17-18 - open Aug. 19-Oct. 2
BH - November 7-8 - Oriole Dog Training Club trial here at Splashdown! Farm
BH - December 12-13 - open Oct. 14-Nov. 27

*BH = Barn Hunt; RG = Rat Games
Online entry system is available and you can now pay for your trial entries using either PayPal or a credit card! Log on, then click on "Events" and choose the trial you are interested in.
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barnhunt and ratgames in Maryland with Superpup, LLC