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CLASSES at Superpup, LLC

Here are the directions to Superpup, LLC at Splashdown! Farm

Weekly drop-in classes Drop-in classes are currently being held most Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. Come prepared with fans, water, ice, blankets - whatever you and your dog need to stay cool or warm, whichever the case may be. Prices are $12/run (7 minutes). If bringing cash, please try to bring exact change. Checks may be made out to SuperPup, LLC. Currently, punch cards are being updated. Old cards will receive 2 punches (1 per run) for each number on the card that hasn’t already been used. New ones will be available for either 5 runs ($55 vice $60 class price) or 10 ($110 vice $120 class price) – I will offer both for a while to see which is more popular then go down to one option.

The particulars:
  • You MUST provide and wear a properly fitted mask when on this property and closer than 10 feet to another person that doesn’t live in the same house as you. Properly fitted means it must cover your mouth and nose at all times!

  • You MUST wear a PROPERLY FITTED MASK whenever you are in the barn or within 10 feet of a doorway.

  • SHIELDS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WILL NOT BE USED TO REPLACE MASKS. If you want to use one in addition to a mask, that is fine.

  • It is suggested that you bring and wear gloves as we will not be doing any cleaning of tubes, buckets, or gates during the classes.

  • Once you get on the property and see the barn doors open, please come and sign your dog up for the appropriate level you are running. Sign-ups are on small white boards that are attached inside the barn doors. If you are new, please ask and we will tell you where to sign your dog up.

  • The 7 minutes includes any conversation or rule clarifications.

  • IF YOUR DOG IS LOOKING STRESSED OR OVERHEATED, THE COACH HAS THE RIGHT TO POINT THIS OUT TO YOU AND ASK YOU TO LEASH UP YOUR DOG AND LEAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM. With the hot weather, please bring water for your dog. If they don’t like to drink, watermelon is a good substitute.

  • As always, if your dog squats/lifts a leg whether it fouls the ring or not, that is the end of your turn. You are responsible to potty your dog appropriately, especially males or females who mark. If it is poop, please help clean up and take the poop out to the trash when you leave the building.

  • We will obviously give lots of help to the beginners in this sport. Understand that beginning dogs and puppies may not be able to last the entire 7 mins. Sniffing makes them mentally exhausted!
Bad weather policy Cancellations and changes to the schedule will be announced on the home page of this website.

Generally, if the temperature for 6pm is forecast to be less than 32 degrees or more than 90 degrees, classes are cancelled.
Private lessons Private lessons are by appointment only. Lessons cover all aspects of hunting for rats with your dog. If you are having tunnel troubles or need an introduction to rats, these classes might be for you.

Please contact Jan for details and to arrange a class
Seminars Superpup offers whole-day seminars for newcomers. They usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday, and are in a group of 6 to 10 people. Dogs still get individual time in the ring!

Please contact Jan for availability and details